Sunday, December 11, 2005

Return from Prague, MEDNET 2005 : digest, exchange and communicate

Digest So much to do ... I went to Prague with the believe that I could publish a new item on this blog everyday. And I started well....But as the conference started it just slipped. It is not that the subjects were not relevant or any good. No, as I am a curious guy I got too much ideas and impressions. If you put that together with the fact that I met a couple of really nice people, it is not so strange I start writing now again. I am busy with digesting the information, making it ready to present to my colleagues, to spread it within the University Medical Hospital Groningen. Furthermore I am going to exchange some things I promised during the conference. Exchange And the first thing is to exchange information about "Impact factors" to Orsi Meckl. We got talking about the subject after the keynote talk from Guenther Eysenbach and she wanted to know more. Just that evening I read about a brand new articles was written about it and published and the same day the following article " The "Impact Factor" Revisited. In: Biomedical Digital Libraries 2005, 2:7 DOI:10.1186/1742-5581-2-7. It was accepted and published on December 5th 2005 in OPEN ACCESS! So Orsi, here you are. This is the URL to the provisional PDF: I hope you like it. And perhaps we can discuss the content via MSN or even Skype?
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