Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Document Ordering but not Loansome Doc?

I am still trying to find out an easy way to let our users order medical literature via our library services. It should:
  • be easy to use within the network ├índ at home,
  • (almost)without extra clicking from webpage where the desired publication is mentioned,
  • with the option to fill in our orderform automatically with previously used values (via cookies or bookmarklet?) The best way would be via our SFX-menu ( RUGLinks)that is being presented in most databases now. Just offer a Order-option and make sure the reference-details are parsed into the correct webform. But what if the database is not sfx-enabled and we can not push our SFX-button? I am thinking of a bookmarklet that copies any selected text (citation-details) on the webpage and pastes it into the correct webform. It should be browser independent (but always work in IE-;). Another bookmarklet can take care of filling the rest of the form. That way the users does not have to fill in his personal details over and over again. It would be great to insert this option into the QuickSearch Library Toolbar too! I found some of these tools on the web, but so far was not abled to make them work for me. If any reader has suggestions for me, i will be very greatfull. Tags: , , ,
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