Thursday, September 14, 2006

CEC Courses EAHIL : added value!

The CEC program of the Cluj EAHIL was again very usefull and of good standard. To me these courses add extra value to the Conference. You get detailed, quality information that is difficult to get otherwise, you meet a lot of people that you will meet later again at the conference.
  • Hidden Treasures on the Internet Details by Friedhelm Rump, Germany About trainer There was a cd offered with the complete course content. This should be in open access for everybody! Real good stuff.>>
  • Measuring Impact: Cost Justification for Information Services by Liz Blankson-Hemans, UK About trainer Impressive workshop with very good practical things that librarians can use in their "battle for money". Mentioned theories and good practices are practical and can be used almost by everybody and immediatly.
  • Presentation Techniques: How to Eat an Elephant - or - How to Keep Your Audience Awake Details By Eve Hollis , (UK) and Ronald van Die├źn (Netherlands)About trainers >> The course was about being/getting confident doing presentations by preparing the right way and offered a lot of tips & trics. The Five P's (they did not want to tell what the sixth was-;) Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

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