Friday, July 06, 2007

National Cancer Research Center of Serbia uses New Library Toolbar!

Being abled to help and work together with other medical librarians in the world, is possibly the most rewarding thing about getting abroad and giving presentations and workshops.

During my most recent trip to Zagreb, Croatia I met Ana Ivkovic, medical librarian of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, also the National Cancer Research Center.

Ana & Marga

Here you see Ana (right) and Marga van Meel (Head Department of Research Information of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences & NARCIS & many other projects)

As a one-woman library Ana has so much to do. She does not have her own webpages yet. They are working hard on that at the Institute.

In the meantime they now can use the: NCRC Library Toolbar

Together with Ana we created this toolbar with a lot of usefull information:

Ana is working on the Serbia translation of Toolbar software. When ready all Serbians can profit from her work.

If you can NOT install the NCRC Toolbar, use the NCRC Biblioteka SearchBox:

QuickSearch NCRC Biblioteka

NCRC Website

Or use this webpage that shows all searchtools from the NCRC Biblioteka Toolbar.

Also people can use the Netvibes search module: Add to Netvibes
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