Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Second Life Search Toolbar & Netvibes Search Module

Latest Sl News: Second Life Buzz about Second Life Business Failures

I am pleased to mention that my search tool for SL, the Second Life Search Toolbar has been approved by the Lindens as a Residents Resource and is listed since yesterday in the Category Search Tools.

Please have a look at this residents Resources, they are fun AND usefull in many cases!

I have created this Toolbar for everybody to make the gap between Sl en RL smaller ánd to improve findability of information about developments.

PLEASE HELP ME TO IMPROVE THIS TOOLBAR! PLEASE send me any new search tools, websites, blogs or Sl rsources you think they are valuable.
If you have ideas about new functionality to be included into the Toolbar, let me know!

Already the ALL-In-One SL News site is a great resource to keep up with daily news.

This aggregated feed is SEARCHABLE and offers multiple ways to view and save news in your desired format.

The Toolbar has been downloaded over 300 times for IE and FF, but the Netvibes SL Search Module has been even more successfull, 850 people have installed this module for their own personalised Netvibes page.

If you do not know Netvibes, do have a look, because it combines great layout, flexibility and efficiency in creating your own tool for all kinds of (web) information you want to save and review daily. You can compare it with iGoogle, but BETTER! Have a look and play around! Clicking the icon will deliver the Second Life Search Box in your Netvibes account.

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