Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Google Health Screenshots

Just back from holiday, still trying to read all that great news about so many things. More about that later, but I can not wait with this one:

FIRST GOOGLE HEALTH SCREENSHOTS plus an extensive post on

Based on your Google account you can register all personal information, medication, medical history, background, in fact your complete medical file

Read the comment of Martijn Hulst (in Dutch)

I like his ideas, and am trying to figure out what this would mean for the medical library, where we could mix in, help or improve stuff, and if we should ....

"The doctor is becoming a knowledge navigator. In the future, health care will be a much more collaborative process between patients and doctors."

"When you add some information to your profile, Google Health will search trusted medical sources and create a health guide targeted for you. ... Google Health will check for relevant updates to your guide whenever you add new information to the profile. You can use the health guide, Google writes, to learn about drug interactions, treatments, tests and preventive measures."

One of the screenshots mentiones:

"At Google, we feel patients should be in charge of their health information, and they should be able to grant their health care providers, family members, or whomever they choose, access to this information. Google Health was developed to meet this need."

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