Friday, November 02, 2007

OpenSocial : connecting the social networks?

Google will launch somewhere this week OpenSocial, a set of tools for developers to make interoperability and connectivity between social network applications happen. The social glue or lubrication that will make it easier to integrate special widgets into a social network like Facebook or Hyves (the booming Dutch network: already 4.670.148 members since oct 1st 2004!). So many of these social networks are popping up everywhere, and it seems only logical that it will be possible to exchange information and functionalities between these sites. We have seen this patern happen a few times now, and still see it happening all around us. Open Standards, OpenUrl, OpenSource, OpenSearch etc. Virtual World are multiplying everywhere too. The concept of interoperability has popped up there too. For the Dutch Hyves - and our main users inside Hyves- this could mean a lot. Libraries will be abled in a better way to develop library services inside social networks and make good use of the unlimited possibilities of interaction and communication with staff and students.
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