Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blog + Widget= Blidget

NCRC Biblioteka "Blidget"
A "Blidget" = Blog + Widget. When you mashup these two with the tool from you will get this:
Widget are small modules that can be placed (almost) everywhere.
The Library promotes the use of Netvibes as thé personal online start-page tool Make a Blidget right now: Install it via:

Netvibes Facebook MySpace Blogger TypePad WordPress LiveJournal Tagged Freewebs Blogger Post iGoogle Pageflakes Hi5 Piczo Orkut (OpenSocial) Hi5 (OpenSocial) Ning (OpenSocial) Widget Code

See another 100 widgets tagged with "MEDICAL" at Widgetbox

And this is how this blog looks like as a Blidget:
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