Monday, April 21, 2008

Wageningen Library Content Management System : ELAG2008

It was my first visit to ELAG, and am still surprised that I never bumped into one of those 31 previous meetings, or read reports about them before.
After three days I can concluded that the Wageningen version was of good quality sessions through out all three days. I will describe the most interesting for me.

view PowerPoint presentation The Wageningen Library Content Management System / Peter van Boheemen
The Wageningen UR organisation and Library did show vision and the courage to act upon it in an early stage. I always liked their Wageningen Desktop Library and now they have build a complete Library Management System.
Peter van Boheemen's presentation lists all the reasons why they did it and shows us how it is done. He states that it is wise for libraries to have their own IT & programming staff.
Designing it this way they can act fast on new developments, avoid further vendor lock-in and keep in control themselves.
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