Monday, February 15, 2010

Google Chrome, Augmented Reality & Emerging Technology : my tweets of 14-02-2010

  • Google Chrome: Please move the "Manage Default Search Engine" to TOP LEVEL, not three clicks away! Librarians, please RETWEET!
  • Google Chrome "catches" your library search (and many others) for your users to control. #OpenSearch
  • "augmented reality as emerging technology is clear argument for libraries to focus on location-based services to become more visible" The quote is be me, anyone disagrees?
  • "Google expects 3D Live collaboration becoming mainstream" RT @malburns
  • When Virtual & Augmented Worlds Collide? Response 2 Techcrunch comparing Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • " When a librarian is not doing a good job on the web, it's a dead librarian" Andrew Keen vs Mijnsbergen, Digbib
  • Medicines not working? Use the App Users upload readings from connected blood glucose monitors 2 Apple phone RT @Berci
  • " Library Innovation and Inspiration" Join the (Dutch) UGame ULearn Bibliotheek 2.0 GROUP!
  • Someone needs to make Netvibes FASTER ...RT @darwin_speaks: Greetings:ping times: 34.449(google) 48.364(yahoo) 151.368(netvibes)
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