Monday, August 01, 2011

The PubMed Toolbar & other PubMed Tools

With 1300+ downloads and a max of 320 simultaneous users the PubMed Toolbar for many a useful browser toolbar on a daily basis.

  • Here is a short summary of a little survey run via the Toolbar and on the NLM Toolbars Blog. See the Slides
  • Below that are some other tools to use PubMed inside your browser.
  • EXTRA 1:  be sure to check this article on 3rd Party PubMed Tools:
    Lu Z. PubMed and beyond: a survey of web tools for searching biomedical literature. Database. 2011 Jan;2011. doi:
  • EXTRA 2: Alternative PubMed Interfaces, a blog post in the "almost 23 Things for Medical Librarians" 

In the "ALT PUBMED" Menu of the Pubmed Toolbar even more nice tools are to be discovered in the section PUBMED TOOLS.
Added Today:
See the PubMed Tools Section at the Alt PubMed Menu Button.
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