Friday, November 09, 2012

Custom Search F1000 Posters

The Open Access UMCG Poster Portal project is growing steadily. The collaboration with F1000 resulted in the first ever Institutional Portal within F1000 for the University Medical Center Groningen. There is still an ongoing process of improving and exploration between the CMB and F1000.

In summary, here's what is possible:

  • uploaded posters & slides are connected to relevant Departments of the UMCG
  • one can search within the UMCG posters/slides
  • filter for just posters or presentations 
  • resulting articles can be connected to posters/slides
  • relevant faculty topics are visible
  • we have a branded page for the UMCG, including a promotional banner & sidebanner with 5 related links, 
  • Conferences by UMCG can be facilitated in hosting and publishing their posters and slides for years on, including settings for publication embargo's.
  • all posters and slides are published with
       This poster is open access subject to the CC BY Creative Commons 3.0 License
  • we added the Central Medial Library as Department and will be uploading our posters & slides.
As part of trying to improve the search feature of the F1000 Poster, I have created a Google CSE for the Poster section of F1000, making use of the fulltext search feature of Google. You can try it in the right sidebar of this blog or go there.
I did a quick search on some Dutch Universities,  to see how many hits it would generate. These could indicate how many posters/slides are already uploaded by authors individually.  (searched on 09-11-2012).
(Please bear in mind Google searches IN the documents too, results are just an indication. Also the F1000 search is not only searching in address fields)
The custom search also has an IMAGE Tab to show the documents found visually.

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