Monday, March 12, 2012

Web of Knowledge "Bug" in export, Thomson Reuters needs to repair

We discovered a bug in the Web of Knowledge export functionality.
A line break is missing in the plain text export, causing a malfunctioning import into Reference Manager and other complex databases (Access). The line seperating between each record is missing. After extensive communication with Thomson Reuters, they now admit there is a bug, that will be fixed with the next release of Web of Knowledge. Unsure is when that release will be. We are requesting Thomson Reuters to repair as soon as possible, within a week at least.
The Research Office of the University Medical Center Groningen has it's own workflow and detailed systems running to evaluating the quality of Research within our institute and usually have to finish this part of the job by the March, 15. This included large downloads from Web of Science en EMBASE. Apart from internal analysis and research evaluation, it is used to publish a list of all publications every year.
Read more on their workflow here:

Since the downloaded txt-files can not be imported (and we are talking about a huge amount of data of over 4000 research staff members, there is a serious delay already.
The delay causes essential data needed for the quality evaluation can not be delivered within our institution, making it impossible to deliver data to other other parties, i.e. the Government in time.
Web of Knowledge

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