Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Digesting (Part 1): Metadata, Mindset, Federated Search, EBM-CAM,

Just a summary of interesting items I came across, but had not time to mention before Metadata and Data Quality Problems in the Digital Library "Jeffrey Beall’s new article in the Journal of Digital Information (6.3) describes the main types of data quality errors that occur in digital libraries, both in full-text objects and in metadata. Studying these errors is important because they can block access to online documents and because digital libraries should eliminate errors where possible. Some types of common errors include typographical errors, scanning and data conversion errors, and find and replace errors. Errors in metadata can also hinder access in digital libraries. The paper also discusses the responsibility for errors in digital documents and offers suggestions for managing digital library data quality." From: "Millenial Net Value(s): Disconnects Between Libraries and the Information Age Mindset is a paper from the Free Culture and Digital Library conference 2005 proceedings. In this article, authors, Thomas and McDonald, outline Net Generation student characteristics and implications/considerations for digital library development. ABSTRACT: Libraries are facing a new generation of online users who are technologically savvy and integrate information access and use in all spheres of their lives to an unprecedented degree. They approach the traditional library with certain expectations that may conflict with the existing services, policies, and values of the library as information broker. This paper identifies the fundamental disconnects between current library values and this new generation of information user. In the process, the authors identify numerous opportunities for leadership in meeting the needs of the millennial generation". From: DIGLET Federated Search Symposium wrap-up "Warning: long post! I've just spent the last day and a half at a federated search symposium sponsored by The Alberta Library. I went in with some preconceived ideas about the state of federated search, and while they weren't totally assuaged, I think I feel a little more confident about the future of this idea. But not the present. Wikipedia has a pretty good definition of federated search. Yesterday Roy Tennant talked to us for more than an hour on where we are and where he thinks we want to be with federated search. His slides should be available in the next little while, and I'll update with a link to them when they are. I believe his talk, and those of the panelists and possibly that of Cathy Gordon from Google were all recorded and should also be available soon....." the rest is certainly worth reading! "Top Five (5) Starting Points for Evidence-Based CAM"Complementary and alternative Medicine. 1. Starting points: CAM at UBC Library, NCCAM and Wikipedia. 2. More background: MEDLINEplus and Drugs - Supplements. 3. Clinical trials: CAM on Pubmed and NCCAM Trials Information. 4. Systematic Reviews: Bandolier and the Cochrane Library. 5. Searching for free & Open vs. Locked CAM Resources. From: UBC Google Scholar Blog

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