Tuesday, February 03, 2009

PubMed Search & News Widget

OK, I think Toolbars are great for quick easy access to search databases, free or licensed databases. Users can use this jumpstart search to get to their preferred search engines direct from their browser window.

But not everybody is allowed to install browser plugins or add-ons.
To distribute the Toolbar functionality like the search & news options, I create derived widgets that can be used as a whole in many social networks, websites and intranet sites, everywhere where it is allowed to put up html.

The PubMed Search & News Widget is the latest one. I just got confirmation from Widgetbox that they approved it.
"Derived" in this case, means, the widget is using the PubMed Toolbar installed custom searches and the installed rss-feed of PubMed New & Noteworthy.

(re-published from NLM Toolbars Blog)
pubmed Search & News widget
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Anonymous said...

Hi Guus,

is the toolbar offered at www.pubemd.outoolbar.com an official product of the NLM? Did you create it? I installed it and it works fine, but I would really like to know who is behind "all this".

Kind regards
a German Librarian

digicmb said...

Dear German Librarian (from Heidelberg?)
I am behind all this. It is not an official NLM product. I have however had contact with people from NLM in the past with some exchange of experiences regarding the NLM Toolbar and search widgets.
The work is done to pay tribute and spread their great resources.
Any suggestion for improvement and/or requests for adjusting the widgets (adding MyNCBIshare or oTool) are welcome.
best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Guus,

thanks, now I know. :-)

I like your PubMed-toolbar and keep wondering why NLM quit their own efforts to offer one.

As I´d like to post about it on our blog, one last question: http://nlm.ourtoolbar.com does not seem to work at the moment. Are you currently working on it? Because I would also like to recommend the NLM-toolbar to our researchers.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Your "German librarian from Heidelberg" ;-)

digicmb said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was surprised as that the NLM decided not to continue the NCBI Pubmed Toolbar. Maybe we can start to work together on this stuff ;-)
What exactly does not work for you now with the NLM Toolbar? The download, install, searching, ...?

Anonymous said...
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