Saturday, March 04, 2006

RSS-MIXER : if you want to combine multiple feeds into one!

The QuickSearch Library Toolbar contains 4 different RSS-feeds: - Library News - New articles written by UMCG-staff entered in PubMed - Tables of Contents of Top5 Journals via PubMed (BMJ, NEJM, LANCET, JAMA & Nature) - Toolbar News Each one needs to be displayed in one feed-button, within the current software of I have asked them several time if it would be possible to make a menu-like Rss-button, just like the search-engines and the E-books. They are working on it they say ... but i the meantime I could try and combine the feeds into one or two instead of 4 and save some valuable space in the Library Toolbar. In a normal Rssfeed-reader you would be abled to reduce the amount of feeds to look at, but loose the overview and distinction between them.
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