Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is the Institutional Share conflicting with MyNCBI? (PubMed)

Yesterday I (and Geert Lobbestael, Medical Library AMC) mailed the PubMed helpdesk to ask about the errors I -and our users- keep getting when using our link to PubMed WITH the Institutional Share option of Filters & Outside Tools together with their own personal MyNCB-accounts. I think that this feature should NOT conflict or intervene with PERSONAL MyNCBIs. Maybe there is a simple solution, and I just do not know it. If you agree with me, please send a mail to PubMed to let them know you want this problem solved too. Many thanks in advance. This the text of the mail: Dear Customer Service,In PubMed it is possible to get a tab for full text of your library by using a shared Filter Selection. Up to now we haven't been able to combine this with a personal myNCBI. The error message is 'You need to sign out of myNCBI to use this feature'. Our Central Medical Library (inlugrmlib, University of Groningen, Netherlands) has an outside tool registered (RUGLinks) and we are looking into this very interesting new filter sharing feature. Our questions:- is it really impossible to be signed in with a personal myNCBI while using this 'myncbishare' argument in the URL?- if it is not possible now, will it be possible to combine them in the near future? Technorati tag: ,
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