Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LiveTrix : a library 2.0 Metalib mashup

In Pictogram 7 (Februari/March) an interesting article was published about a Metalib (Ex-Libris) improvement project, called LiveTrix. Based an analysis of log-stats we could conclude that a lot had to be improved to prevent the massive amount of zero result and errors in searching. Together with special technical design of xml modules a lot of library 2.0 elements are already implemented and there is more to come.

The article is in Dutch, but there is a presentation available in English. Literature: 1. Bergman, K.T. (2001). The deep web : surfacing hidden value. The Journal of Electronic Publishing. 7(1). 2. Lewandowski, D. & P. Mayr (2006). Exploring the academic invisible web. 3. Leij, A.W. van der (2006). Redesigning our Combine Harvester (Metalib) [PowerPoint-presentation]. harvester-ane-w-van-der-leij.ppt

More info: LiveTrix wiki

The Centrale medical Library (CMB) of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) will take part in a pilot project of introducing LiveTrix in the hospital.

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