Saturday, October 13, 2007

ILI2007: Summa : Integrated Search & OpenSource

The ILI2007 started with a bang (Stephen Abram) and ended with a flash (Phil Bradley), but in between, you had to really search the few little gems. They should not have programmed that many talks with just 15 minutes. However I will report about some of those talks in the next couple of days.

An very intriging new search for the Stadsbiblioteket in Denmark is called SUMMA.
They call it integrated search instead of federated search and plan to become Open Source in 2008. It was amazingly fast and sophisticated.
Come to think of it, the story reminds me very much of our own Livetrix development at Groningen. It was a good presentation and rumours were whispering that it will be used in a few university libraries in the Netherlands.
Summa is based on user studies. One such study is The hybrid library: from the user's perspective. [pdf 22 mb)

pictures ILI2007
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