Thursday, November 22, 2007

Google Scholar Citations in PubMed?

We have an excellent bunch of bloggers in the Netherlands. They are always uptodate and do not just scan their own subjects. I will blog later on about a 4-D anatomical CAVEman (mentioned by ZBdigitaal).
But now, I want to mention to a Greasemonkey Firefox script that presents PubMed search results with the Google Scholar citations (posted by Wowter). Wowter is again referring to a post by David Rothman, which explains in detail how the script can be installed and used.
It is one of Davids frequently used topics, as can be seen when you search for "greasemonkey pubmed" in the Medlib Blog CSE.

I think this is really wonderful, but I also seriously wonder if we should not put some kind of disclaimer next to it, because, on numerous occasions we have been warned by Peter Jacso and others about the dubious treatment of metadata by Google.
Also I wonder if anybody can explain to me what "80% hit"means ....
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