Monday, March 17, 2008

Second Life HTML on Prim * build-in web browser to BOOST information handling

Healthinfo Island on Blip.TV
Please see my little movie and explanation of HTML on a prim and the build-in web browser of the Test version software of Second Life.
You can only see this work if you have downloaded this version that will hopefully will replace the current one!
I can not wait.
Presenting info, is never going to be the same with the Send Current URL to Parcel functionality
See, listen and get excited!

Extra info: -html means webpages (;-)
-the video i made while demonstrating how this is working and can be done, can be seen by anybody on the web.
- the described "technique" however is ONLY to be seen live in SL with the test version of the SL client software.
- what it does is, actually SHOW a live webpage (no copy, no import, no pay) on a screen in SL.
-i showed that live webpage in the (also new) build-in webbrowser. Yes, a web-browser IN SL!

(-You can see practically any webpage IN that web browser. Just type in a url/link or click on links in page you are looking at. You know, when sometimes you click on an object in Sl it gives you a direct link to a webpage in your web browser OUTSIDE SL? Well, with this new version of the Sl software, it will become possible to open that browser INSIDE SL.)

- Are you still with me?
What I was trying to descibe, and to show, is how anybody, but mainly presenters, will be abled to use that build-in browser to CONTROL their presenting screen.
Anybody can see that screen, that's the whole point with a presentation ;-). But the presenter will be abled to CHANGE the screen, by just making sure the desired screen (webpages, web-content) is IN his own build-in web browser first, and then CLICK the button " Send current url to Parcel"
This will cause the screen that everybody is watching to CHANGE into the new web-page.
Does this make ANY sense?
I hope it does.
And if it does not, believe me, this thing will blow the current concept of displays with textures in Sl.

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