Thursday, May 17, 2012

atUMCG Update : Top 25% tag

The University Medical Center Groningen has introduced a mechanism to evaluate research output by UMCG staff. Basically it comes down to: a better citation score in highly valued Journals gets rewarded.
Of course more aspects are taken into account, but those will not be the topic of this post right now.
Main focus is to stimulate researchers to target the Top 25% Journals of the relevant JCR (Journal Citation Reports).

The above picture is an illustration of how departments are promoting these articles. The Department Biomedical Engineering (BME) actually bought a stamp to mark the articles on their bulletinboard!
In an earlier stage our Library made lists available of those Top 25%.
We automatically publish all UMCG scientific articles and research-related news in our atUMCG blog since September 2011.
And now we added the Top25-tag to articles indexed in PubMed ánd were published in those range of Top 25% Journals.
From the Tagcloud all Top25 articles can be selected for further reading.

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