Thursday, April 03, 2014

Adding Bookmarklets to your iPad / iPhone browser; i.e. Library Proxy

Bookmarklets can be very useful. To install these in "normal" browsers is rather simple. They appear as a Bookmark in your Bookmark bar and can be activated by single click when needed.
Here is the page about installing the RUG proxy bookmarklet in your desktop/laptop browser.
This proxy bookmarklet will check from any webpage if you have access to the fulltext of the journal, article or other digital library licenced resource!

On the iPad it is a bit more complicated, but not difficult.
(If you do not see you Bookmark Bar on your iPad, go to Settings, Safari; Turn ON "Always Show Bookmarks Bar")
Here the description on how to install the RUG proxy bookmarklet in the iPad browser.

Step 0: Open this post on your ipad ....
Step 1: Use "Add Bookmark" (it does not matter from what page) to create a bookmark and ..
Step 2: Call it : Library Proxy, and click"SAVE"
Step 3: Open Bookmarks & History (click the open book ...)
Step 4: Go to the Bookmarks Bar, and click "EDIT" (upper-right corner)
Step 5: Click the "Library Proxy"bookmark. Edit Bookmark window will open
Step 6: Now copy one of the javascripts from below, and simply paste it inside the line BELOW the title of the bookmark. This is normally the url, but this time we will PASTE this little javascript in it.
Step 7 No need to save! Just click anywhere outside the pop-up, the window will close and the Bookmarklet is installed!


You can now test the bookmarklet to get access to the latest UMCG publications "atUMCG"
Click on a title. The article will , most of the time, open in PubMed.
Now click the Library Proxy Bookmarklet. It will ask you to login once with your proxy account (or with your P- or S-account)
You will not see the normal RUG GetIT! icon, but you can just click the "Fulltext" link, either on the Publishers icon, or in the LinkOut, More resources.
Even if you at first not get the fulltext, you can activate the Library Proxy to go to the right page WITH the fulltext.
IF we do not have licenced access, tyou will not get it, no matter how often you click the Library Proxy Bookmarklet ;-)
IF you by chance get a page telling you the access can only by from WITHIN RUG or UMCG domain, please follow instructions, and hopefully the acccess via proxy will be arranged asap.

Thanks to Chris Bray:
Here is his list of Bookmarklets to use for the iPad/iPhone:

Share on Posterous
Shorten with
Add to Google Reader
Bookmark on
Instapaper: Read Later
Share on Facebook
Clip to Evernote
Share on Tumblr
Translate to English
Digg This
Stumble Upon
Site Info
Show Images
Validate HTML

Next in line to create:

  • RefGrab-it Bookmarklet for Ipad

  • Put these bookmarklets on Feedflare units to INCLUDE them in the posts, instead of in the Bookmark bar.
  • Thursday, August 01, 2013

    Docphin Major Update : an evolving medical journal app

    In one of my previous posts on Updates on (medical) journal Apps i did mention there was no news about Docphin.
    And very quickly after that they came with a major update!
    Here are the main new features of Docphin:

    • the IOS App is now ALSO for IPAD, which is a big step forward. This makes Docphin more competitive with ReadbyQxMD and docwise. The Docphin web-interface is however still unique, offering users to check and maintain their preferred journals & news on desktop computers easily.
      Maybe ReadbyQxMD is goind that way too with their Read on the Web, search feature.
    • Institutional Access Save your password and never type it in again
      This is a major improvement too taking away loging in over and over again. ReadbyQxMD, BrowZine and Docphin now have this for the library proxy and I am hoping docwise will go there soon too!
    • Medstream - Keep up with breaking research in the news

      Get visually triggered by relevant topics and related articles underneath. I like it. Here is what Sachin Nanavati (Co-founder Docphin) wrote to me in an email about Medstream:
    • "We've spent significant time developing the technology behind Medstream, which curates trending articles in both main stream new sources and evidenced-based medical journals.  The technology then couples related articles, thus providing users with comprehensive coverage of the most relevant and discussed healthcare topics of the day.  In doing so,  our goal is to create a relevant, evidenced-based stream of content that healthcare professionals can reference each to help them treat their patients everyday. As you can see, we've also enhanced many of the other features on Docphin including an Search and the Alerts tabs.  We'll continue to make enhancements to each of these features in bi-monthly updates to the apps."

    • Search - Filter by journal, author, specialty, or type of studyI still want to now details about search syntax, it's a mystery for me. Also I think they should add a Save Search Options, or al least an option to Save As Alert.  Anoying is the Search can not be run via the screen keyboard. You have to close it and press Search.
    • Alerts - Get updates on your favorite topics

      Same issue as with the Search syntax here. I want to understand what it is search for and how I can get what i want...
    • Library - Save your articles and we'll sync them to all your device
      Nice to be abled to read offline, simply hit the star * to save it. You would expect to get the latest saved articles on top, but they are on the bottowm of the list unfortunately..
    All in all, Docphin makes a big step forward and seems to be working on nice clever features for the future. Having it now on my iPad I will use it more and together with the Saved Institutional Access, it will be smooth to get the pdf's.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Make RSS feed from any Facebook Page

    You could ask why on earth do you want that....  
    Well, simply to insert the feed into a feed reader or make all posts/updates available in an "aggregator" like 
    With Rebelmouse you can create your own social media Frontpage (and blog) based on various social media accounts, searches AND RSS feeds. (More on Rebelmouse and the power of curation )

    Say I want to add Facebook posts ánd images from the page Inuit Art Zone into a Rebelmouse I made about Inuit Art. Rebelmouse offers to add My Pages via my facbook account, but other pages can only be entered via RSS.
    You only need TWO things : 

    • the base url string for the RSS feed: 
    • the Facebook ID of the page:
    Add the ID at the end of the url string and you have a complete working RSS feed!
    For  Inuit Art Zone the RSS feed would be:

    See the result at Inuit Art's Rebelmouse Social Media Frontpage.

    Monday, July 22, 2013

    Updates from Journal Apps (BrowZine, docwise, ReadbyQxMD, Docphin)

    Here a short overview of all new updates around the Journal apps we are supporting.
    Personally I am most excited about the anouncements of "docwise" making big steps to keep up with BrowZine & Read (Integration -"Open in"- with Dropbox, Evernote and more, save and email full text articles), but making a hug jump with unique features, like shareable Folders with docwise users ánd a RSS reader feature (boldly called Google Reader replacement!). Bring it on!


    • just published the Android Version of their App to which the CMB UMCG now has a subscription. To be downloaded from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store
    • the following publishers have been added 
      • Project MUSE
      • Cambridge University Press
      • American Marketing Association
      • Academy of Management
      • Royal Society of Chemistry
      • Institute of Physics
      • American Physical Society
      • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
      • American Geophysical Union
      • International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
      • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
      • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
      • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
      • Ecological Society of America
      • Mary Ann Liebert
      • Medical publishers using the Silverchair platform
      • More Highwire publisher!
      • Announced for the near future:
        • American Meteorological Association, 
        • Thieme, 
        • Informa, 
        • de Gruyter, 
        • Karger
    • Tools for Libraries- Page has been extended
    • Announced as new features for the near future: 
      • adding annotations, 
      • supporting direct export to RefWorks and Mendeley, and 
      • adding push notifications.
    • Check the Feedback Support Page for user suggestions
    • Read the full News Bulletin here
    • docwise has now  full text access for over 240 institutions worldwide. A simple email is enough to set-up YOUR institution. It's free.
    • Announced features & enhancements (within 30 days):
      • Integration with Dropbox, Evernote and more
      • Folders that you can create and share with all other docwise users
      • The ability to email and save full text articles
      • Replace your Google Reader (finally!) with the ability to add any RSS feed
      • An even more sophisticated topics adding capability
    • no news found

    • Read the update news
    • Support for following ‘keywords’ ie custom search terms. (Previously you could search but not save your keywords.)
    • Support for all of biological & health sciences.
    • Read papers on the web, not PDF, when using your iPhone
    • Use Read on the Web, search

    BrowZine Android App is out!