Thursday, April 20, 2017

UPDATED: How to get the PDF! Infographic | Find the full-text of e-journals INSIDE OR OUTSIDE the collection of your library ALL OPTIONS

April 20th 2017:
I have added the browser extension Canary Haz ( as a very promising easy tool with many interesting features. Please read more on Canary Haz in my post about browser extensions like UnPaywall, Open Access Button and Google Scholar button.
Currently looking into a Dutch commercial product targetting academic or research libraries also with a browser extension, called @leanlibrary ( )

April 13th 2017:

Updated version! I have added ResearchGate as identified source many researchers use to upload ánd download pdf's (both copyright protected & open access/free versions)

The button says it is searching also in "less trusted sources". ResearchGate,, researcher homepages, and some IRs. You can UNcheck this option in the Unpaywall tool, but they tell us it decreases coverage by about 20%.

Maybe they can adjust the text a little bit regarding the "less trusted sources".. Im am sure many institutional repositories would argue that they ARE a TRUSTED institutional repository!

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