Thursday, January 10, 2008

Usage PubMed Outside Tool : SFX statistics of RUGLinks

For years now, I am putting together this list of the usage of our PubMed Outside Tool link.

We see a very strong rise of the use of PUBMED wíth RUGlinks (our Outside-tool, the SFX-linker). The special URL turns on our library’s Outside Tool for every record displayed in PubMed.

People click the special URL with our Outside Tool username on average:
  • 719 times per day,
  • 30 times per hour and
  • every 2 minutes somebody clicks to PubMed with this URL!
  • 2007: 262.579 (New Year RECORD!)
  • 2006: 221.803
  • 2005: 189.486
  • 2004: 73.256
  • 2003: 24.152
Even more interesting is the rising number of times users actually CLICK on our library’s Outside Tool icon, on average:
  • 924 times per day,
  • 38 times per hour and
  • every 90 seconds somebody clicks the RUGLINKS icon in PUBMED to get access to the fulltext and see info about the availability of the specific document.
  • Total 2007: 337.436 times
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