Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Make RSS feed from any Facebook Page

You could ask why on earth do you want that....  
Well, simply to insert the feed into a feed reader or make all posts/updates available in an "aggregator" like 
With Rebelmouse you can create your own social media Frontpage (and blog) based on various social media accounts, searches AND RSS feeds. (More on Rebelmouse and the power of curation )

Say I want to add Facebook posts ánd images from the page Inuit Art Zone into a Rebelmouse I made about Inuit Art. Rebelmouse offers to add My Pages via my facbook account, but other pages can only be entered via RSS.
You only need TWO things : 

  • the base url string for the RSS feed: 
  • the Facebook ID of the page:
Add the ID at the end of the url string and you have a complete working RSS feed!
For  Inuit Art Zone the RSS feed would be:

See the result at Inuit Art's Rebelmouse Social Media Frontpage.


Alana said...

Very helpful - thank you so much! I was trying to find a widget to post a Facebook page RSS to weebly, and your blog post was the only one that worked.

Lupo said...

Hi, thanks for the article! I have developed a simple web app for generating the RSS feed URL from a Facebook page URL. Check it out: