Friday, March 18, 2005

Are your users NOT using your links to the resources : let your firewall do the trick

As a medical library of a large academic hospital we want our users to go to our resources the right way. We have created an outside tool in PUBMED which enables everybody to see clearly what the availablility of the publications is. For it to work, you need to use the correct link with reference to the accountname belonging to this outside tool. This is nothing new, it is used by many libraries in the world. The problem is that many of our users do NOT use the link to PUBMED form our website but just enter of in the browser-location bar and therefore do NOT get our RUGLINKS Dit logo brengt u de full-text content! Possible solution: If your organization uses some kind of firewall, you can ask the it-department to change the setting of the firewall in such a way that all outgoing url's to PUBMED are redirected to your correct library-url to PUBMED. and to This should result in many more hits in your stats of PUBMED!
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