Sunday, September 25, 2005

Designing a Library for the Future

While scaning the program of the ICML9 i ran across: Designing a library for the future: a case study on reorganization health and medical library development and innovation by Laurie L. Thompson Director of Libraries, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas - USA based on the article : Higa ML, Bunnett B, Maina B, Perkins J, Ramos T, Thompson L, et al. Redesigning a library’s organizational structure. Coll Res Lib. 2005;66(1):41-58. Have to read it one of these days ... and when i am ready i have to look at the presentation of Rick B. Forsman, Denison Memorial Library University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center Denver, USA: "Commitment to Knowledge: Design of a New Academic Health Sciences Library" I know i promised contributions of my colleages, but they must be having a real good time! Apart from two short text-messages nothing was posted to my blog, too bad. We'll hear the stories when they are back.
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