Thursday, September 29, 2005

Library Toolbar Tests and To Do

Search the Library databases The search-function seems to work ok with online searchengines with direct access.
  • There is a problem with databases who let you come in on a sort of frontpage first and redirect.(Web of Science, UptoDate, Cochrane Library (Wiley). I hav to find out if it is possible to include a sort of deeplinking
  • For PubMed at first the RUGLINKS was not included, but I managed to cut&paste the codes for the OutsideTool and F1000 in the URL.
  • I have to include the proxy-links of our proxy-server in the URL's (if possible) to make it possible for everybody to use databases from outside the UMCG/RUG
  • With searching the best way is to enter the searchterm first and thén choose your database, otherwise the browser will load the database website

CHAT The chat function seems to work only (see other users) if you have activated the Chat-window and chosen a nickname (may by inteded).

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