Sunday, September 25, 2005

“New tricks for old dogs?” Providing an electronic Acute Current Awareness Service for clinical staff within the hospital setting

Delivering into the workflow is not enough. A push service or another form of alerting can be also very usefull. That's why i like the following: Acute Service Current Awareness Service (ASCAS) The Acute Service Current Awareness Service (ASCAS),is a multi-disciplinary information service, it is a web-based information service and it was developed by the Greenfield Medical Library, Nottingham and is jointly managed by the Department of Information Science, Loughborough University. The Greenfield Medical Library provides a range of library and information services to employees of University Hospital NHS Trust, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham City Hospital NHS Trust and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trusts. The project started in August 2004 and was launched in November during the UK National Health Libraries Week .Following several consultations with clinicians in four acute trusts in the region to agree on the format and content of the service, the main aim and objectives of the service emerged as: Aim: To improve and enhance access to high quality resources for academic and NHS staff and students; That is what we want too! Another usefull ICML9 item
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