Thursday, October 20, 2005

Choose a RSS Reader for your users

After reviewing several free desktop rss-feed readers i decided to go for the RSSOWL reader for the users of the UMCG. Several weeks ago i asked the ICT departments to include a standard RSS reader in the user environment, their dektop, via the network. Because not everybody has the right to install this kind of programs, and because it will take some time before it will be standard included into the standard webbrowser or mailclient the Central Medical Library wants to offer this via the Novell Application Launcher or via the Windows XP ASD network. RSs Feeds have great potential for delivering news and content changes of webpages, such as weblogs without putting further strain to the mailbox of the users. RSSOWL received the qualification BEST "BUY" in the September issue of the computer magazine PCM.
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