Saturday, October 01, 2005

How to use the Library toolbar?

While working on and with the CMB Library toolbar the question comes up on how far you should go with integrating resources into the Toolbar? Where do you stop? At the technical limitations (if any) or at a certain view of what people can expect at the toolbar and what they should do at your website perhaps? My idea for the Toolbar is :
  • to translate our list of the most valuable resources, already visible on all our webpages on the righthandside.
  • to make/create extra functionality our other programs do not offer
  • bring to attention what the Library already does and can do for the users and in another form, more interactive, flexible, direct ..
  • experiment with the Toolbar and hear from the users what they think of it
  • that it is supplemental. The user chooses to use it.
In practice ... The work on the proxy-links within the databases-urls works fine for the major part of our list. I'am having trouble with Web of Science and Webspirs databases. I do not know enough of the internal searchstring to make a sort of deeplinks which will work within the Toolbar. Perhaps somebody at some other library can help ....? If this is not working, should we offer different versions of the Toolbar? One for at work and one for at home?
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