Friday, October 21, 2005

PUBMED & Outside Tool & RSS

Pubmed offers the possiblity to save searches as RSS-feed. This opens a lot of new chances for libraries and users to improve alerting services. Libraires working with the so-called OUTSIDE TOOL to make the library collection visible via for instance an SFX-button (Metalib) could point their users to the direction of this RSS-feed option, but ........ At this moment an integrated feed of PubMEd shows NO OUTSIDE tool within the short presentation of the feed WITHIN the FEEDREADER. I asked PubMEd to implement this and this is their answer: "I brought this to the development team meeting and basically it would involve changing Linkout programming and will not happen (at least not in the near future). Your best bet would be to maintain your Outside Tool capability so that your users can utilize that functionality. " So it will not be there in the near future, but perhaps if more people ask for the functionality .....?
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