Saturday, November 26, 2005

CiteULike : shared citation network

Working on an abstract and searching for the literature about my subject, i decided to use CiteULike as my online citation-database instead of the usual Reference Manager windows client software. What do i like about it?
  1. The easy way to add citations (Post to CiteULike) : Searching in PubMed i can add a citation to my Library with ONE CLICK on a special LINK in my browser LINKS. The bookmarklet posts the citation into my CiteULike library.
  2. The visual way to add new keywords (the famous TAGS) or just use use the ones i have entered earlier. TAG: medicine
  3. to read articles somebody else has decided to put in his/her library, to read why (notes, abstracts etc)
  4. to see the RELATED ARTICLES with TOUCHGRAPH I already mentioned the use of this tool within HUBMED and i begin to like it even more. A great visual way to search for literature.
  5. to browse in recent headline artles of 6499 journals online! See the list of journals with "LIBRARY" in the title!
  6. the fact that i can make an RSS feed on a search for specific TAGS! Everytime somebody puts a citation in with these TAGS i get an update in my RSS-FEED READER ( or RSSOWL)
  7. the eay way to EXPORT my (or any ) citations into another reference manager software tools, like Reference Manager. Just export it with the RIS format et voila ...
  8. the possiblity to make or join a specific GROUP. Groups are collections of users. They are useful for keeping track of everyone in a lab, or everyone in a particular academic department. You can browse the articles posted by the people in any group, and you can ask to join any group yourself.
  9. the fact that i dit not come across one single thing i do not like about CiteULike ...

Want to see the my library? Go to:

Sorry for the strange name ...

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