Saturday, November 12, 2005


Available from now on -still in beta-test, but pretty good already- GOOGLE SCHOLAR with automatic library HOLDINGS, in our case with RUGLINKS (our sfx-linkresolver from Ex-Libris). No extra bookmarklet needed anymore! Just use a computer with the network of the University or the UMCG, and you'll get an ADDITION to your search results in GOOGLE SCHOLAR, based on your IP-address:

  • RUGLINKS FULLTEXT (if we really have the FULLTEXT online) or
  • RUGLINKS Services (if a hit was found in ou OPAC/Catalogus) or
  • nothing (no fulltext, no print)

If you are OUTSIDE de RUG or UMCG you can search in SCHOLAR PREFERENCES for our LIBRARY. Just type "groningen" into the search box and tick the box! You can tick 3 libraries at once (if you want to).

Your preferences will stay on that computer for at least 8 hours.

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