Friday, November 11, 2005


As many libraries already did, we now follow them in giving PUBMED our fulltext e-journals holdings to make it possible to show a Library-TAB of the Central Medical Library , University of Gronigen in the MyNCBI-section. We delivered an output from our SFX-database and submitted it to PUBMED. In about 48 hours it will be possible to :
  • limit a search with fulltext available results (really available)
  • show a result-tab in PubMed from our Library

But even more exciting is the NEW option to SHARE your TAB-selections with others.

This makes it possible to alter your preferred Institution-link to PUBMED in such a way that everybody using THAT link will see the result-tabs YOU want them to see as a Library. And they do not have to login to MyNCBI to see them!!!! Read the details

For the CMB this link will be:

See for yourselves! Go to PUBMED with this link, try a search and see the results.

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