Thursday, December 29, 2005

Educating the Net Generation

Remarkably interesting book (free fulltext) with numerous good articles about the new learning and consequences for Educational organizations and Libraries. Read this and you will know what has to change (or should have been changed already) If Educational organization's do not react, they risk failure of their programs to achieve end-goals. If Libraries do not react, they risk being replaced completely by other (commercial) information providers, and in the end maybe even their meaning of existence. Students are the medical specialists, clinicians, researchers of the future, you need them to be on your side, or better they need the best medical information there is, you have to deliver it to them, "in the place where they live" , the Net.... While preparing a paper on the subject of the changing needs of the medical students en staff concerning library services I also came across a new Dutch Report "Leren van Jongeren" (Learning of Youth) van SURF
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