Sunday, December 04, 2005

Internet in Medicine

From the preface of Hans van der Slikke (SIM Chair): Society for the Internet in Medicine This year the MedNet congress has four tracks, of which every track has its own motto: 1. Internet for Informaticians and Clinicians – “Towards the new web technologies” – Shared information in patient care and follow up – Healthcare quality and standards – Internet in health management and administration 2. Internet for Teachers – “Towards effective use of new e-learning tools” – Knowledge maps – the modern ways of lectures preparation – Practical experiences with virtual medical schools – Internet in continuing medical education 3. Internet for Librarians – “Towards the new roles of medical libraries” – Web mediated evidence based information and multicentre medical research – E-publishing – the problems and special questions – The evidence of national web resources and Information retrieval technology 4. Internet for Web providers – “Towards the new ways in web presentation” – Quality of web information for health care – The responsible patient online – Internet and developing world These tracks, however, have smaller and bigger side-tracks and crossings and all lead to one goal: better and more effective healthcare for everybody by empowering the citizen or patient and supporting the medical professional. Or: “How can the Internet help the doctor to be a better doctor and the patient to be a better patient?” All abstract of the oral presentations are available for free (OPEN ACCESS) via "Technology and Health Care"
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