Sunday, December 11, 2005

Search Tips Google Scholar

TIP 1 : While writing my resume of MEDNET 2005 I did several searches for AUTHORS in GOOGLE SCHOLAR. The best way to do this is like this: instead of using one author operator, use TWO, like this "author:G. Author:Eysenbach" The " " are really needed! of course you can type in the first name anyway you want, but with just the initial the result looks best. -------------------------------------- TIP 2 : If you want to see if YOUR LIBRARY has a PRINT OR FULLTEXT version of the publication available, please do use the option "Scholar Preferences" At Library Links you can search for your Library. Choose the Library you want and from that moment on the Library Holdings will appear with your search results! For instance: Type in "Groningen" and click FIND LIBRARY and you will find the University Library of Groningen, RUGLINKS. Select the Library and you will see RUGLINKS at publication that Groningen has available, print or fulltext online! How is that for "Getting into the User Environment" If you can't beat them, join them.....
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