Saturday, January 14, 2006

Did you get the new Library 2.0 yet?

Jenny Levine comments on ongoing discussions about Library 2.o, the nex generation of library services ...... "For me, "Library 2.0" is not just about making your content easier to use online or getting feedback from your users. It's about letting others use granular pieces of our content where they want, when they want, how they want, automatically, specifically online (although users can then also mash our content however they want in the physical world, too). Read that over a second time and you'll see that it is a very new concept for libraries." That is the part i like.... but Jenny explains about how she thinks about different aspects within the discussion. I am going to look for more info on the Library 2.o. A quick search gave we a white paper/pdf of Ken Chad and Paul Miller of TALIS called "Do Libraries matter? The rise of Library 2.0" Furthermore i subscribed to an excisting search via Technocrati for blogitems about Library 2.o
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