Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Google strives for desktop domination!

Just bumped in today, a book-review in InformationWeek of September 2005 explains the content of “The Google Legacy'' the book by Stephan E. Arnold and reveales the possible longterm goals of the Google Firm. Practically this means:
  • the focus is on an accelerated use of high-speed fiber and wireless that could be used to deliver Google technology together with WiFi, VOIP, WiMAX ...
  • Desktop Office Software: Google’s RTF (the mechanism in Gmail to add fonts, bullets, colors, etc. to a Gmail message) feature already implements some 70 percent of the functions of Microsoft Office; Google Maps has underlying technology that could compete with Microsoft’s PowerPoint and this all next to
  • Google's search technology together with developments in communities forms the company's strategy for the next 10 or 15 years ...
" Google's Patents Reveal Strategy To Beat MicrosoftAccording to history is about to repeat itself. Microsoft today is where IBM was years ago. And Google is in a position to do to Bill Gates what he did to IBM. The result could be a new industry kingpin" I would like to read the book but US 180.00 is too much for me. Chapter Three " Google Technology" is freely available at Are there peer-to-peer clients available for exchanging scientific or research publications like this? Or is this a very wrong question? (-;)
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