Saturday, January 28, 2006

Podcast in medical education and libraries : in general and via the Toolbar

Today I started to understand how podcasting works. It's plain simple a RSS-feed delivering audio-files! Just suddenly while working on a test-toolbar ( to improve our QuicksearchCMB medical library Toolbar ( and adding the radio-element into the Toolbar I saw the option to add podcasts ( into the radio just next to your favorite radiostation! A quick and dirty search for (medical) podcasts and I could add a few examples like:
  • instant anatomy (via
  • Journal of Medical Practice Management
  • EduKast podcast on "ICT en Onderwijs" (in Dutch)
  • Noorderlicht VPRO (Science & Dutch)

If you subscribe to the RSS-feed of the podcast by entering it into your podcast-"player", or in this case into the radio-element of the Library Toolbar (and anybody can even without an account of Effectivebrand) you will automatically will receive the available podcasts for that feed!

In this case you are abled -as Library or Medical School- to deliver for instance:

  • your library news, instructions & demos in audio (or audio&video?) direct into the users environment
  • your educational content like lectures in audio, where students can listen to them whenever they want to ...

I have to let this get to me ... amazing.

Who can get me a list or overview of quality medical podcasts?

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