Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Searching for the Right Search - Reaching the Medical Literature"

In the brand new NEJM-article Searching for the Right Search - Reaching the Medical Literature (Jan. 5, 2006, v. 354: 4-7) the author points to data compiled by High Wire Press, that Google provided the majority of referrals to articles in HighWire (56.4%). In fact, PubMed only accounted for 8.7% of the referrals to HighWire articles. While the number of searches conducted in PubMed has increaded to about 70 million/month, there is also an increase in number of people who are referred to PubMed citations and abstracts through Google searches. Comment of Krafty : So, like it or not, we are in a Google searching world. Comment of Oliver Obst: "Heute legen wir unseren Benutzern die MeSH-Suche ans Herz, morgen sind wir froh, wenn sie überhaupt Medline benutzen" My Comment: Further research into origin, habbits and search-behaviour of users is always usefull. It would be good to see how many of those Google users are from Universities who use SFX/Metalib or any other link-resolver software ...... The RUG Groningen can now track the movements of their users, while using SFX-linking from within PubMed, Google Scholar, in fact all SFX-enabled databases and e-journals. If we put that data together with to data from the Publishers, we can get an accurate picture who is doing what and maybe do a better guess what services/actions are needed.
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