Sunday, January 08, 2006

SLIM: Slider Interface for MEDLINE/PubMed searches

First of all: A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY! "May the library be with YOU!" Picked via old fashion mail discussion list LIS-MEDICAL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK from Andrew Booth. SLIM: Slider Interface for MEDLINE/PubMed searches This SLIM slider looks an interesting way of applying limits to Medline. In particular the study design field is potentially interesting for EBM This fits perfectly into the knowledge that users do like more VISUAL and GRAPHICAL interfaces. The Net-Generation will like this, it is ease to understand and the options are clear without having to read a lot of explanation. Learning by doing ... It seem the interface (the presets) does NOT go very well with FireFox, but maybe this is temorarily ... See also: SLIM: an alternative Web interface for MEDLINE/PubMed searches - a preliminary study Michael Muin* , Paul Fontelo* , Fang Liu* and Michael Ackerman*
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