Sunday, February 26, 2006

Google Scholar rivals Web of Science?

"Drs. Daniel Pauly, director of the Fisheries Centre at UBC and Stergiou (of Aristotle University in Greece), compared WoS and Google Scholar using 114 papers from 11 disciplines from 1925 to 2004. With papers published pre-1990, they found that citation counts were more or less proportional. When Thomson ISI revealed that a paper was cited 10 times as often as another in the same field, Google Scholar usually found the same 10-1 ratio. Surprisingly, for post-1990 papers, the actual number of citations was almost the same." From: Dean Giustini , UBC Google Scholar Blog Can we conclude that this outcome is also relevant for the discipline Medicine? Another study that reaches some of the same conclusions: It is good to follow the discussion via
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