Monday, February 13, 2006

Rollable display for mobile phone and Internet!

The biggest problem with pda's for medical purposes is the screen size. For many things doctors need bigger screens. Phones are growing more and more into complete pocket workstations.
I think "smart phones" will be the future. Or to put it better, you will have ONE tool in the future.
It will be a portbale workstation, with flexible screen, an infrared keyboard. You will use it as your tool to manage and interact with work and social communities in the most broadest sense. Pda's are changing into gadgets that can phone, but the gigantic numbers of cell phones is dictating the market and therefore the research and development. Philips is heading into the right direction with it's ROLLABLE DISPLAY to be used for all kinds of gadgets, like cell phones The size is really amazing and i think it will be growing. There is a huge market for services via the Internet, and Philips realizes that people will use their phones even more if the displays would be larger. I want to buy one (if my HP IPAQ 5550 would break down again)
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