Sunday, March 12, 2006

Google "into the flow"

As no other Google understands that services that you WANT people to use HAVE to be delivered of offered IN the user environment, into their "flow", at the "point of need". Google is "attacking" not only the world of mobile communication, because it believes the future is in an always growing wireless community but also the world of the workflow-applications. Motorola and SonyEricsson are both offering mobile phones with a Google Search Button, while the Sony Ericsson K800i und K790i will be offering the Blogger Service, including a picture service. (To be complete: Motorola also offers Yahoo) Blackberry is offering the Google Talk Instant Messaging service on its wireless email device Recent acquisition of Google is WRITELY, a web-based word processing service. Together with Google Pack, an extensive free software package with very useful tools and for instance a online data back-up service to users. How long will it take before large institutions, like universities or even companies will consider to use these services as a standard for their staff and students? Will these services attack the position of the large It-departments who are now taking care of the research-, work- and study environments of the users? How soon will integration take place of these freely available web-based services?
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