Friday, March 24, 2006

New blog on local Metalib and SFX configuration and development :RUGLinks & RUGCombine

The University Library of Groningen launched a blog about the development and configuration of Ex-Libris SFX en MetaLib in Groningen. The services are called RUGCombine (Metalib) and RUGLinks (SFX).I am part of the project team that's almost done with including all the subject portals involving all the RUG's Faculties and Institutes. The blog will post new ideas, list changes and track developments locally and elsewhere. The motto is :...Librarians like to search, everyone else likes to find... Latest post is: Myths and Realities of SFX in Academic Libraries In the March 2006 issue of the journal of academic librarianship, an interesting article by Wakimoto, Dabbour and Walker appeared, entitled: The Myths and Realities of SFX in Academic Libraries.
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