Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Updated List Medical Podcasts

The Krafty Libarian will be presenting a poster "Integrating and Promoting Medical Podcasts into the Library Collection" on the MLA. It's her goal to have as up to date a list as possible for when she attends MLA. Problem is that "there is no good authorative resource listing medical podcasts". So she has done a lot of searching and scrolling along iTunes and others. Here is the new link for the updated list http://www.kraftweb.net/kl/podcasts2.doc Target audience is -for now-: the medical profession AND the public Criteria: clear and reputable origin/authoring Growth: at a large rate, mainly MEDICAL SCHOOLS Developments: more VIDEO podcasts! A "newcomer" on the list:
  • University of Utah School of Medicine. http://umed.med.utah.edu/ms1/aud_lec.cfm Podcasts lectures for the students of the University of Utah School of Medicine. Primary Audience: Medical students Recent programs include: • Biochemistry: Introduction to lipids and fatty acids • Genetics of inflammatory bowel disease • Variations in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacogenetics
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