Saturday, March 04, 2006

Virtual Library for Undergraduates

URL: Not only because of the wonderful photo of the physical building of the University of Minnesota Libraries, but mostly because of the new "interface" of a special digital library specifically designed for undergraduate students called the Undergraduate Virtual Library. "Under the hood, the UGVL is an amalgamation of the latest in library technology," said John Butler, director of the University's Digital Library Development Lab, which created the UGVL. The design resulted from in-depth analysis, market research, and usability testing involving Millenials. The UGVL uniquely integrates core content, tools, and services targeting the undergraduate community and student needs for information literacy." Click here for a virtual tour of the UGVL and its design.... Certainly, the idea of special portals for specific target audience is not new, but in this case, they did it very nice in combination with the latest technology. It's my idea too that the undergraduates need this kind of attention and surely will benefit from this approach.
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